Inaugural Meeting of the Joint IGU-IAG Commission/Working Group on Geomorphology and Society: Past, Present, and Future

7-8 April 2018, Vienna, Austria


Following the precursor IGU Commissions on Geomorphology and Society as well as on Hazards Mitigation, and supported by ongoing discussions with respective IAG bodies such as the Working Group on Geo-archaeology, a Joint IGU-IAG Working Group/Commission was suggested.

ln 2017, both the IGU and the IAG agreed to establish such a Joint Commission/Working Group to give effect to the Memorandum of Understanding that both organisations signed at the 33rd IGC in Beijing in August 2016.

The Joint IGU-IAG Commission/Working Group was approved by IAG Council Meeting in November 2017 during their meeting in New Delhi, India, and with the new name in April 2018 in Vienna, Austria. IGU General Secretary Michael Meadows confirmed the acceptance by IGU in April 2018.


Ahead of the 2018 EGU meeting in Vienna, Austria, the inaugural meeting of the new joint Working Group/Commission of the International Association of Geomorphologists and the International Geographical Union took place. This meeting was organized by Jiun-Chuan Lin, National Taiwan University and Margreth Keiler, University of Bern, Switzerland. The field trip was organized by Christine Embleton-Hamann, University of Vienna, Austria, and Sven Fuchs as well as Christopher Lüthgens, both BOKU University, Vienna, Austria.


Meeting minutes and details can be found here.